New WSPR enthusiast / Lots of RTTY QRM on 20M WSPR freq.

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New WSPR enthusiast / Lots of RTTY QRM on 20M WSPR freq.

Hello all,

Just a short introduction here. My name is Michael PD7MDJ and I'm new to the fascinating world of WSPR. My QTH is Dordrecht in the southwestern part of the Netherlands. Today I've taken the first steps into actually transmitting WSPR signals.
I'm using a Kenwood TS-480SAT radio which for WSPR I'm running at 5 Watts. The main antenna for WSPR operation is a HyEndFed 40/20/10M half-wave end-fed wire antenna (Zepp antenna) mounted vertically on a 12M telescopic fiberglass pole.
In the past hour or so I've been spotted a couple of times on 20M in the US and in Finland. I was really excited about the spots in the US, and I'm eager to find out in what other parts of the world my WSPR signals will be picked up in the future.

Unfortunately at the moment there's a lot of QRM from RTTY stations on the 20M WSPR frequency, which makes it impossible to receive any WSPR signals. As a result no spots from my side have been uploaded to WSPRnet yet. I do see spots of European stations by other European stations (I myself have been spotted by two different stations in Finland), and I'm wondering how on earth it's possible for those stations to pick up WSPR signals with such strong RTTY QRM? Is there something I can do to pick up WSPR signals even with such strong QRM? I do hope RTTY QRM isn't always as bad as it is now. I know everything is working properly because on 30M am able to receive and decode plenty of WSPR signals. Unfortunately with my Novice license I am not allowed to transmit on 30M (the only WSPR frequencies available to me which I'm allowed to transmit on are 20 and 10M).

73s and have fun with WSPR!