Found bug in Kenwood CAT control

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Found bug in Kenwood CAT control

I have found a bug in the rig control portion of the WSPR code for my Kenwood radio.

1. I am running an old but solid Kenwood TS-440S.

2. With WSPR 2.0 when I select rig Type 202 Kenwood TS-440 [notice the lack of an S at the end], CAT control does not work.

3. With WSRP 2.0 when I select rig Type 203 Kenwood TS-450S, CAT does work with a couple of very minor issues:

___A. Even though I am on VFO A, it sometimes stuffs the frequency setting into VFO B. Closing the program and re-launching it seems to cure this.

___B. It will only CHANGE bands, not tune to the desired freq. if you are already on that band. E.G. I've been listening to 10m CW and want WSPR to tune the rig to 10m WSPR freq. Does not happen. The rig sits there like a lump. If I tune to another band (E.G. 40m or 80m) and back to 10m then it works fine.

___C. Just wanted to make sure I was clear I am using the TS-450S setting with a TS-440S radio.

___D. When I use the 202 TS-440 setting, the command line window generates this error message when I go to change bands:

ic10_get_vfo: unsupported VFO 9
kenwood_set_freq: unsupported VFO 536870912
set_freq: error = Invalid parameter

4. With WSPR 2.11, neither the TS-440 setting or the TS-450S setting work correctly. Neither one ever sets the rig or changes bands. Depending on which setting I select, I get these error messages in the command line window:

Type 202 TS-440 setting
set_freq: error = Invalid parameter

Type 203 TS-450S setting
rig_open: error = Invalid parameter
Error attempting to set rig frequency.
rigctl -m 203 -r COM3 -s 4800 -C data_bits=8 -C stop_bits=2 -C serial_handshake=
None F 3592600

I know my rig is not exactly state of the art so support for this is probably not a priority but wasn't sure where to bring this up. If there's a better venue or official way of reporting bugs please feel free to let me know and I'll use that outlet.

Bob Beyer - KE2D