RX seems OK but no decodes

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RX seems OK but no decodes

I've just set up both WSJT and WSPR and have been monitoring several bands. (I'm RX on 10.140155 just now).
I see traces on the waterfall but get no decodes. I think I've set something up wrongly, but unsure what. The traces appear to me wider (bandwidth) that I'd expected, and I think they're maybe PSK31 traces? They sound like PSK, and they appear to be about 20 Hz wide on the waterfall. There are occasional traces in a more distinct colour about 2-3Hz wide.
As there are traces I assume that I'm getting some audio through to the software. Clock is set within a second.

I haven't looked at TX yet, thought to get the RX working properly first. (And then there's an issue about PTT - I'me using a CAT connection to the Rig,(IC756P3) and WSPR etc seems to require Com port PTT.

Any suggestions?