Remote uses of WSPR via Skype etc

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Remote uses of WSPR via Skype etc

Greetings - just an observation, and a non technical assertion too. However im in Washington state for the funeral of Bill KL7AKC our friend.

From the hotel room here Im running a local wireless connection back into the Hilton Garden hotel and onto the "free" Internet via a third party.

Ive been running Ham radio delux via a async link with some 500mSec ack round time delay which makes changing the ic-7000 controls back in Singapore a little 'elastic' -

Audio (rx only as remote tx ops are frowned upon) is via a seperate Skype connection with auto answer back in Singapore - and hey I can hear what the ic-7000 is hearing on 10.1387+ USB- SSB pirates and all.

WSPR remote remote -

I thought it would be interesting to run a WSPR instance here using in Seattle using the audio out of the sound card from the Singapore receiver "relayed" via Skype and into my computer here in Seattle - out of the sound card and then looped back into the WSPR prog here on my Dell in Seattle with an "in/out jack" - and see if i could actually decode - As an aside Im limited to one sound card and have some oddities at time with HRD/Skype with large latencies such as this but it is what it is...and for 500mSec latency I wasnt expecting much.

Yes! Using version 7 it actually works though the reports are somewhat hit and miss overall id say I get around 80% WSPR decodoes against the main computer at home (using WSPR 9V1 LF spots as my reference) even wit the oddites of the net. The reports between the Singapore computer and Seattle computer vary a few dBs, as does the timing indicated. However, both computers are theoretically linked to the same time server.....

Skype like most freebees has variable latency, dropped packets, some odd skews and jitter but Version 7 of WSPR deals with it pretty well. Actually the audio quality isnt bad at all,

As a test I ran WSPR Version 6 and didnt manage to decode anything but on average the s/n was roughly the same.

Not a scientific nor measured test but empirically it worked for me today.

The receiver seems to be still working and hopefully it will stay up till I return to Singapore at the end of the week.

73 Laurence KL 1 X/7 aka 9V1LF et al