Not decoding, not sure why

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Not decoding, not sure why

New guy here, just started playing with WSPR-X after reading about how the Raspberry Pi can be used as a very low power beacon, which I thought was pretty cool! So I first set out to receive WSPR.

After a day or so, I'm able to copy what I think WSPR signals, thanks largely to the level control and real time dispaly in the "-X" version and much-appreciated help from G3ZJO. I'm now pretty sure I've got my input level within the proper range and my PC clock seems to be set accurately (?). But the program constantly displays "Receiving" (I've got transmit set to 0%). The blue "Decoding" box never appears and obviously, no decodes happen. I'm running out of things to try and hope someone can offer some suggestions.

I've posted a screen capture here that is typical of what I'm seeing:

This looks "normal" to me with a couple of signals that ought to be decoding - but aren't. What am I missing?

Also, there's a horizontal line across the waterfall that looks like it's supposed to be a time index, but every one of them says "18:34" - why is this?

Thanks and 73,