Proposed change to 2m frequency

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Proposed change to 2m frequency

Region 1 WSPR users need to be aware of the following proposal to be discussed at the interim meeting of the IARU Region 1 VHF/UHF/Microwave Committee Vienna April 19- 21. 2013


Document VIE13_C5_12
Subject Frequency of WSPR beacons in the 144 MHz band
Society VERON
Contact Peter Hoefsloot, PA3BIY
Status Proposal

This document provides a VERON proposal to change the frequency of WSPR beacons in the 144 MHz band.
WSPR transmissions are considered as beacons. Contrary to conventional beacons, which are geographically static, the place and time may change dynamically. Frequency assignment and location of conventional beacons are coordinated, i.e. an attempt is made to optimize the use of the allocated spectrum and to prevent interference.

The allocation of WSPR to 144.4905 MHz has caused harmful interference in large parts of Western Europe. Over the past year the reception of DBØFAI (144.490 MHz) has often been impaired, due to the ad hoc appearance of (strong) WSPR beacons. The ad hoc character of these beacons requires a much larger guard band in order to safeguard the reception of static beacons.

An adequate solution may be found by shifting WSPR to a slightly higher frequency.
The 144-146 MHz bandplan gives no allocation for the frequency band 144.491 - 144.500 MHz. This part of the band is solely used as a guard band between the Beacon band and the All Mode allocation. The All Mode frequency band 144.500 MHz and up is mainly used for transmissions requiring < 12.5 kHz bandwidths (even though the maximum allowable bandwidth is 20 kHz). 144.500 MHz is the SSTV calling frequency, for which either SSB or (narrow-band) FM is used.
Shifting WSPR to 144.492 MHz would still prevent interference to narrow band (FM, 12.5 kHz bandwidth) and SSTV (either 3 kHz SSB-mode or narrow band FM bandwidth) users, and would provide the required safeguard for the Static Beacons.

1. That the frequency allocation for WSPR beacons in the 144 MHz band shall be shifted from
144.4905 MHz to 144.4920 MHz.
2. That the 144 – 146 MHz bandplan shall be updated accordingly.


If Region 1 stations have any views on this they should talk to their national societies.

Specifically in the UK there is a Yahoo group to discuss submissions to the conference. The group is, and the UK spectrum representatives do monitor and respond to the posts.

The thread to look for is:

The case for the change seems to be justified, and the proposal seems reasonable, however it seems to me that the WSPR community interested in 2m operation need to be involved in the discussion.