WSPR and Python

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WSPR and Python

I have some questions concerning WSPR and Python.
Since my daughter has to write programs in Python (student at the university for geoinformatic and geodesy) I decided to explore this language. Because I can use it on windows and linux platforms it is interesting for me to go further on. I understood that Joe decided to change to C++, but I don't like the C++ overhead. I did a lot of programming in Perl (a little bit with Tk) and Php (wrote a Joomla component for pipe loses and pump selection) and feel more comfortable with interpreted languages.
Coming to the point.
Python has two major versions, 2.x and 3.x. Many libraries are compatible only with 2.x version. It seems to me that 3.x is the future. IDLE use tkinter but I would like to go with Qt. Can I go on with Python 3.x 64bit and Qt to play around with WSPRX? Or should I use an other specific combination for the beginning?
I think I'm writing a little bit in a confused way. I'm not a programer, software is just a tool for me. I'm sure some of you can help me to find the right path what IDE and graphical library I could use for my first steps and shorten a little bit the path of trial and error, that is a real time eater.
Or should I invest some learning time to get familiar with C++ and have at the end more satisfying results?
Any comment is welcome. Don't hesitate to give a feedback.