Problems with WSPR 1.01

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Problems with WSPR 1.01

**********After 2 days of fooling with it, it struck me! When I first started using Argo on this computer, I could not make it work. I got real serious one day and decided to 'fix it or kill it' and did make it work. the solution - the program had to be run in Windows 95 compatibility mode. Doing the same for the WSPR program solved my problems.**********

I just discovered the world of WSPR and installed the software. I am having trouble receiving anything.

I don't think the program is functioning properly. I have a blank blue box where I assume a waterfall belongs.

I can hear signals begin on even minutes and can see that they are WSPR sigs using Argo but this program seems to do NOTHING on RX.

I have successfully sent WSPR and showed up in the database, just no matter what I try no RX.

A screenshot of my program may give you some insight into the problem.


Chris - KC0TKS