Help request Ensemble RxTx <--> WSPR

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Help request Ensemble RxTx <--> WSPR

I have a goal to use a WSPR with my Ensemble RxTx, on a laptop with and USB Soundblaster Xi-Fi. The RxTx receiver is working
great and on-frequency. I listen to AM, SSB, CW, hear JT65, RTTY... all manner of DX from Asuncion. TX CW is over 1 watt out into a dummy load using the HDSDR return-key feature.

I use WSPR 2.11 which has softrock radio support built-in, and do have and can try to use VAC 4.09.

Took some guesses about RxTx <-> WSPR configurations, using virtual sound card configurations and USB soundcard, but no luck.

Any details of working configurations for WSPR 2.11 <-> Ensemble RxTx would be
greatly appreciated.