Yaesu FT-920 on WSPR

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Yaesu FT-920 on WSPR

I am rusty on digital, and obtained one of these radios. I built the cable and tried this out.

The first big problem was not understanding how loooong it can take for the program to start 'working'. Nothing in the docs makes mention of this.

For a few good technical reasons, I wired to the data port on the radio.

Reception was fine, once the wspr program actually, finally 'initialized', but transmission was nada.

Turns out you MUST have this radio in it's Data mode for it to see tx data audio (Data USB mode if using audio v. FSK).

Now for another oddity . . . when Data USB mode is selected, it is, from the factory, set up for RTTY AFSK, so the carrier offset is set for +2125 Mark freq, not the the best for this or most other digi modes such as psk.

My current workaround is to rotate the IF shift CCW about 1.5 units - all's well. I realize I can change the carrier offsets in the menus but my workaround is expedient and leaves me setup 4 RTTY at whim.

I'm willing and eager to discuss this further.

mark kx8xx