80-m antenna test Oregon USA

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80-m antenna test Oregon USA

I have two 80-meter antennas hooked to two separate receiver/WSPR setups.

Ant 1 - My regular 80-meter dipole at about 50-feet, over the house. WSPR reporting call W7PUA1

Ant 2 - A Beezley horizontal loop, 12-ft on a side, about 20-ft above the ground in the woods, about 65-ft south of the edge of the house. WSPR reporting call W7PUA.

More info on the loop is

The goal is to compare the two antennas for S/N in reception. The loop is a receive only antenna.

My receivers are on the standard WSPR 80-m frequency and both PC report over the Internet. I do not transmit at all. Neither receiver is GPS controlled, but both are within about 10 Hz. I check against a controlled signal generator.

This will run for the next 36 hours until about 9AM PDT Friday. I will try to get a quick summary out then. There should be some follow up tests, but I need to debug the experiment. Also, the plan is to compare against a short, low vertical later.

In any event, please feel free to transmit WSPR on 80 if it is convenient, and propagation would make it reasonable. The more data points, the more we learn!

Many thanks and 73, Bob W7PUA