WSPR and FLEX-5000

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WSPR and FLEX-5000

Hi all,
I am new to this mode. All is set up between WSPR and the F5k via VAC and VCOM and works as planned. Using DIGU I can produce signals but it looks (on pana) like I am horribly "overmodulating" (more than just 1 warbling tone, I see several; also visible on waterfall). On a second RX it does not sound too bad, but I am not convinced that all is right.
With TX level I can not reduce the drive to such a low level that the tone diappears, i.e. I can not adjust it properly.
Has anyone out there made this combination work? And what are the settings?
I did not find this subject in the reflector - if I overlooked it, will someone direct me to the thread please.