Sometimes it works, Sometimes it doesn't ** Resolved **

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Sometimes it works, Sometimes it doesn't ** Resolved **

I'm tired of beating my head against the desk.

FT-897 -> RigBlaster Advantage -> WSPR 2.11 -> Win 7 x64

Some days it works perfectly xmit & rcv. Other days I can't get the rx noise level to budge from -32/-40 dB. Other times it receives fine but won't transmit.

I've checked, double checked the souncard settings, WSPR settings radio settings, ad infinitum.

Rebooting doesn't make a difference, changing USB ports makes no difference. I have no idea what else to try.

Last night I showed a noise level -40 dB, RF Gain fully off, volume full up, RB receive vol all the way up, Win mic vol to 100. Nada, zip, still -40dB. I decided to give it one more try this AM, and it's working perfectly.

Anybody have any ideas?