2 Instances of WSPR

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2 Instances of WSPR

Hi all.
Has anyone manages to get 2 instances of WSPR running on one machine simultaneously?
on 500KHz there are at least 2 centres of WSPR activity, because of international band plan differences. I want to be able to moniter and report both!

The issue is further complicated by the fact the t the receiver is a softrock, with iq output, and the audio frequencies for both are not 1500Hz or anywhere near it.
Spectrum lab is running and performing one audio translation to 1500 Hz OK
have tried Winrad as well, and that converts a diffetent RX segmnent to 1500Hz. But I dont seem to be able to get WSPR to run properly twice, despite there being 2 seperate installation folders..
The both run up, and dispite the different audio streams specified, they both display the same audio

Any ideas??
mark GM4ISM