Newbie with some basic q's (FT817)

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Newbie with some basic q's (FT817)


Just got myself an 817 and in the shop they recommend I try out WSPR. I never done anything like this so might have some dumb questions. So I have downloaded all the software got my call sign, grid square etc entered power set to 37. I am using the ZLP mini pro SC all seem so be working correctly.

I have synch'd my netbook clock with the internet time but as we're still on summer time my pc clock is 1 hour faster than the WSPR clock, does this matter ?

Had a quick go on 2m as that's the only antenna I have with me as I'm not at home didn't expect to hear/see anything and didn't ! But it all seem to be working correctly part the clock times matching and I set my db to 0 in the bottom right of the screen.

Is this correct so far ?

I will try HF bands later when I'm home.