Is 6 metres different?

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Is 6 metres different?

I am new to WSPR and have generally been active on 20m. Recently, on a whim, I tried 6m and within a very short time had exchanged reports with JH1GYE. That was my introduction to the 'magic band' and Trans Equatorial Propagation. Over the past couple of days I have noticed another VK station, VK6DZ is reporting hearing what appears to be spurious call signs and many Oceanic Maidenhead locators, which I doubt are Maritime Mobile.

I am interested in how the WSPR software allows this to happen. Is it something in WSPR, or something in the way the reporting station is decoding? Or some other alternative?

I have seen another spurious call sign [TL8TKK] reported as being heard in Germany. So it appears it is not a phenomenon related only to VK8DZ.

As I have not seen this spurious call signs occurring so regularly on 20m, I am wondering if 6m is different?