Computer clock accuracy.

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Computer clock accuracy.

What is the tolerance to having the PC clock off? I had mine set for auto internet sync, but checked it against WWV and it was about 3 seconds fast. I manually set it and went from one station receiving me to about six.

I don't seem to have a problem receiving. It might have something to do with the direction of offset. Or is this a coincidence since one station was received? Perhaps that one station's clock was somewhere between and I just got lucky.

Other than that, I installed WSPR-X first and got the CAT to work. But when I realized the earlier version has other features not yet in this beta version, I installed it too, but I can't get it, WSPR 2.11 to work. WSPR-X still works though .... thankfully.

I'm just gonna have to print out the manual and study it a bit.