WSPR and Signalink; Tx doesn't work

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WSPR and Signalink; Tx doesn't work

I've been trying to help a friend get on HF WSPR and PSK31. He has a new Signalink USB box, an IC746 and a Dell 6000 laptop. We have been through the set-up from the Signalink manual many many times but no matter how many times we try we cannot get the PTT light on the Signalink to light and thus the 746 never keys up. On WSPR2.0 r 1714 when we hit the tune button a tone is heard in the PC speakers but nothing seems to get to the Signalink box to initiate its own VOX. We get similar results on PSK31 with MixW. We've even gone so far as to increase the audio level by using JP3 to increase the tone level to no avail. Both the speaker and wave sliders for the soundcard are set at maximum. On receive everything seems to work okay and we can "see / decode" incoming signals so it looks like the USB to PC link is working okay. So what are we doing wrong on Tx!?

73 de Chris