Few stations are receiving my signal

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Few stations are receiving my signal

Hi there,

I use WSPR on the 20m band and it was working well last on Tx & Rx. I am now finding that very few stations report my signal as being received (2 different stations yesterday). I haven't changed the settings on my rig (Yaesu FT817ND) and I am still using the same antenna as last week (It is working). I realise that by the nature of propagation signals come and go, but other nearby "G" stations are being heard.

I do receive other stations on 20m without problem.

Although, I haven't changed the settings on the rig - I have done the following since last week:

I transferred the CAT lead to my FT857 because I do use it to change frequency.

I installed Meinberg NTP software on my Windows 8.1 laptop to ensure that the time is accurate. Could this be the problem?

I am unsure why my signal is not being reported back because the radio is transmitting in digi mode and on the correct frequency.

Any suggestions please?