WSPR and FT897 with CGantenna SB2000

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WSPR and FT897 with CGantenna SB2000

I am using the above mentioned. On receiving all is well on transmit the TRX switches to transmit but delivers no output

Settings: Audio in : 1 Microphone (High Definition Audio)
out :3 Headphones (High Definition Audio)
PTT method : DTR
PTT port : COM3

Enable cat on
CAT port COM3
Rig number: 123 Yaesu FT-897
Serial rate: 9600 (same as rig)
Data bits : 8
Stop Bits 0
Handshake none

The usb-serial converter is FTDI on COM3

The problem is clear: no audio output to TRX. Is something wrong with the settings?

Thanks for your reply
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