I'm not on the map?

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I'm not on the map?

Hi every peeps, 'in for a penny' as they say. I know it's not exactly overpopulated up here on 2, but i thought i would give it a try. Thing is, the only frequency i can see as worth sitting on is 144.4905. This i gleaned from the RSGB band plan (IARU Region 1). I am, at present , putting 5 watts into an HB9CV, horizontal, pointing East from the New Forest (I had to enter the frequency as it is not included on the program), however i am not being displayed on the map. As there is french station already there i assume 2 metres is workable, but maybe there is some reason such as only a particular 2 metre frequency being valid in WSPR that makes me unrecognisable. Or something Hi!. Anyone shed any light please?. Thanks!. 73, Brian