Minimum HW specs?

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Minimum HW specs?

As part of my preparations for a talk on WSPR at a local ARC next month, I last night tried to run WSPR on an older IBM (A21m; 800 MHz; 512MB RAM; WinXP SP3) laptop. To put it mildly: It was no success, decodes were poor and up to three minutes delayed, the program was prone to "holes" in transmitted audio, and some Rx periods were dropped altogether. Twice WSPR 1.1 even gave up and crashed.

So what constitutes a practical minimum?

Based on this experience, I would say: 1GB RAM and 2GHz Proc. Any other thoughts or experiences?

73's and happy WSPRing (here mostly on Linux Ubuntu running on much more capable HW)

OZ1PIF, Peter