WSPRX-2 on 60 meters

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WSPRX-2 on 60 meters

Hi everyone

I am new around here....

I have setup WSPRX Mode 2 at my QTH in Kempton Park, Johannesburg. KG43cw.

Our SARL authorized frequency for SARL members, of which I am a member is 5.250 Mhz USB for propergation testing etc and 5.260 Mhz USB for voice.

Question 1

So in the WSPR-X software, the only frequency for 60 meters that appears after selecting 60 m is 5.2887 Mhz "Dial" with the TX frequency grayed out, so one cannot change that frequency.

So if I change the Dial frequency to 5.250 Mhz, the TX frequency should thus change ? it doesn't ??? it still stays on the original dial frequency as if 5.2887 Mhz was selected.

Can this TX Frequency be changed ?

Question 2

My software is set to Upload Spots, I take it, my software will only upload spots it has received ?
and not the fact that I am now transmitting ?

I see I am showing as ZS6SKY on the 60 m last heard slot, in the activity page, the activity page shows:
ZS6SKY 5.251526

Does that mean this site received my transmission on 60 meters on 5.250 Mhz ? or did my software only upload the fact that I had selected 5.250 Mhz as my TX frequency ?

My station is currently on the air, transmitting on 5.248.5 Mhz and my dial frequency should by 5.250 Mhz USB, can anyone see me and decode my transmission ?
I am currently running 5 watts.

Looking forward to your replies.

I am part of the ZS6KTS Technical Team testing our ZS6KTS Beacon on 60 Mhz...