Full SSB Bandwidth or Narrow Bandwidth for WSPR Receiving?

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Full SSB Bandwidth or Narrow Bandwidth for WSPR Receiving?

I think this is my first post on the forum but I've been using WSPR for a while. Not long after I started using WSPR I started using my radio's low pass and high pass filters to narrow the receive bandwidth as much as possible, mainly to eliminate signals outside of the narrow WSPR band. On some bands some of the other digital modes operate within the typical 2300 Hz SSB receive bandwidth. Because of the presence of those signals I find I have to reduce the gain to keep the RX noise at the recommended 0 dB, sometimes quite a bit. With my FT-897 I can narrow the receive bandwidth to 650 Hz by setting the HPF to 1000 Hz and the LPF to 1650 HZ. This lets me set the gain higher. I would think that a higher gain setting would help with receiving weaker signals. I had an email conversation with another WSPR user and was told that WSPR is designed with the understanding that the entire 2300 Hz SSB bandwidth is being received and so it is not a good idea to narrow the bandwidth as I was doing.

So I said all of that to ask if it is ok or not to narrow the receive bandwidth, especially if other signals are present?

Chris AK4SK