Simple Interface 4 WSPR

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Simple Interface 4 WSPR

Took me a while to work out what I needed to get on WSPR.

This site is a bit limited on general info, I wish there was a Help Reference page.
It would have made it so much simpler to be up and running.
I didn't really need to know at first how it worked.
So here is a little HELP page of my own.
Maybe it will show in simple terms what I finally used.
No Rigblasters here, no fancy Wonderlabs circuits, just plain
ordinary concepts.
And it works just fine.
You could even build the opto-coupler into the backshell of a DB connector.

KISS - keep it simple stupid.

Me being quite stupid to begin with and some say I haven't changed Hi.

Note: the LINE OUT of my computer, is too high so it goes through a 20db attenuation PAD, the electrolytic provides DC isolation to the Microphone input on my ancient IC-706.
Don't forget to remove your microphone.

Use a transistor.