Low pass Filter Raspberry Pi

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Low pass Filter Raspberry Pi

Best Whisperer,

I have just started off by making ready my Raspberry Pi for WSPR with the fabulous code from developer JAMESP6000 on GitHub (https://github.com/JamesP6000/WsprryPi). All is compiled and the small board is transmitting, but without antenna coupling ... !
Can some one help with some examples,images or schemes for assembling a small board to connect my RPI to the 20m HF wire antenna with PL529 coupler via a LPF ? I have found some theoretic information on the LPF (George Dobbs G3RJV from the GQRP club) but difficult to assemble in practice.

schematic : RPI pin GPIO 4 --> LPF --> PL529 connector HF antenna.

All help is appreciated as we just start experimenting with this fascinating digi mode.