Annoying 6 frequency accuracy

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Annoying 6 frequency accuracy

I don't want to blame someone if he has indeed
his dial qrg to 50.293 with +1500hz. But do you
know what the exact frequency is? It's very
annoying to see I have been received by multiple
stations, only the difference in receivement is
100hz between the highest and the lowest. And this
in a bandwidth of 200hz.

But what does this mean? Loosing DX!

Suppose a station(A) is correct on 50.293 with +1500hz.
It is received by a station(B) at +1400hz (the lower edge)
while supposing he is on 50.293 with +1500hz.
Now another station(C) is tx'ing with +1550hz.
But station(B) has his rx-window from +1300hz to +1500hz.
So station(C) will never be noticed. And ofcourse
very sad when it's a +1000km range on 6m.

Please therefor, check if you are exact on

73 de Roelf & good DX.