WSPR 2.11 TX timing way off on Win 7 netbook

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WSPR 2.11 TX timing way off on Win 7 netbook

I use WSPR 2.11 on my laptop with Win 7 Pro with no problems. I need the I/Q function. I want to run an experimental VLF radio link using 2 computers.
Neither WSPR 2.11 or 2.12 will transmit properly on my netbook with Win 7 Starter Edition. Both programs will receive perfectly, with delta timing errors <2 sec,but I get zero decodes when transmitting from the netbook. I finally got TX to work temporarily by manually setting the netbook clock 5 sec slow. The received decodes show that the netbook TX is still 2 sec fast. Of course I can't actually operate this way because the receive timing is now off! The problem appears to be the netbook, because I copied my laptop WSPR folder (which works on the laptop) to the netbook without installing the program and got the same TX timing error. I have tried the Admin thing and have shut off all other programs, pulled out the external Bluetooth adapter, etc with no effect.
Any thoughts?