WSPRx compiling on ARM Hardware (Cubieboard2)

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WSPRx compiling on ARM Hardware (Cubieboard2)

Hi all,

i got running WSPRx on my Cubieboard2 yesterday.

It was possible to compile WSPRx09r3621 and now also WSPRx08r3058.
My linux system is a Cubian clone based on Debian 7.4 arm but maybe all is workung with Ubuntu arm also.

Note this works only if all dependencies have installed on your system.
I have testet lot on my machine, but i can not find out anymore exactly which dependencies are needed.
(Therefore you need a fresh system but maybe anyone can help.)

Here is the way how to compile it and get it running...

1. create a directory wsprx_test

2. change into cd wsprx_test the source code

for wsprx 08r3058:

svn co svn://

for wsprx 09r3621

svn co svn://

4. after downloading got to wsprx and lib directory

cd wsprx/lib

5. check the makefile with

make -f Makefile.linux

6. directory up with
cd ...

Then you get a file wsprx_install in the wsprx_folder.

7. Now....!!

- rename the file wsprx_install maybe to wsprx_temp
- create an folder wsprx_install
- rename and copy the wsprx_temp file with new name wsprx into the folder wsprx_install

8. next...

qmake (or qmake-qt4)

9. if successfull...

this creates wsprd and WSPRcode in the /wsprx/lib folder

10. copy wsprd and WSPRcode in the folder /wsjtx_install

11. go now wsjtx_install folder create subfolder save

now you can start ./wsprx for the first time...

setup soundcard, callsign etc.

try to save audiofile for first run if you get an errormessage and look for messages in terminal...

If all is working correctly ... WSPRx will run on your little computer.

Michael DG0OPK