Another user having trouble registering on website

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Another user having trouble registering on website

Hi Site Admins,

Please can I ask for assistance? Our club's vice chairman is trying to register for WSPRNET.ORG. I believe he registered some time ago.

He never received his activation email.

Now he cannot login at all. He tried the forgot password functionality but also does not get those emails eiter.

His username is ZS6QL (He is a member of KARTS and here is a link to the membership page )

He is starting to panic because we have a big 5Mhz Activity weekend country-wide (South Africa) this weekend and WSPR is one of the required modes to decode to enter a mini-contest on 5Mhz.

Please advise and activate this user... You can contact me via my email address or via this forum.

Thanks and 73
Stewart Moss