Tracing out of band WSPR transmissions

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Tracing out of band WSPR transmissions

The operator HB9JOI will not accept that his WSPR signals appear below the WSPR Sub-band in the QRSS section at ~10140.074 kHz. He says I'm the only one to report them. Well there is a reason for that...he's got output below the sub-band.

Could a few European WSPR/QRSS ops tune to WSPR 30m in RX ONLY but offset the RX AND the RX frequency in the WSPR program by, say 50 Hz?

This will hopefully show his strong signal as well as his other 30m WSPR signals which are in-band but also on various frequencies simultaneously.

If you could send him the polite reports to I'm sure the QRSS operators will be grateful.

His signals have clobbered QRSS 30m for months but he doesn't accept my assertion and a polite approach.

Best regards. Chris G0MQW