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Noob questions

I have a softrock ensemble txrx running with WSPR 2.12.

I can rx fine and upload the info to this site but no one seems to hear my tx.

At one point today, before being a member, I saw my callsign listed in the activity with a frequency and at other times with an 'R' but not both. If there is a frequency listed does that mean that at least one person got my tx? I can see my pin on the map with 'hearing...' but not 'heard by'.

If I can rx stations ok does that mean that the PC clock is correct for tx also?

Could it be my tx frequency being slightly out? I double clicked in the graphical area to set it.

Or perhaps my tx pwr is just too low. The softrock puts out about a watt but my ATU may be reducing it due to high insertion loss.