WSPR r4171 on Debian Wheezy

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WSPR r4171 on Debian Wheezy


I just downloaded WSPR via SVN, but I get the following error when issuing the 'wspr' command. The only issue I had during install was that I couldn't find python3-imaging when installing the dependancies. I've searched around a bit and it seems like there's a disconnect between python imaging and python3, but I don't know enough about Python to fix it. Any thoughts?

Thanks& 73,
Mike (NL3D)

nl3d@Ham-Radio:~$ wspr
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 51, in
from WsprMod import palettes
File "/home/nl3d/.wspr/WsprMod/", line 27, in
from PIL import ImagePalette
ImportError: No module named PIL