A B test software mod request

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A B test software mod request

WSPR provides an excellent way of getting lots of data in a short time for comparing the performance to two antennas over various paths and times of day but you have to manually switch the antennas between transmissions and keep track of the times you transmitted on each one. In other words you have to attend to it in real time.

My suggestion / request is that a feature be added to the WSPR program I would call “ABtest”. When this feature is active WSPR would alternate the state of an output on the computer – I suggest a handshake line on a serial port but there may be other good ideas. This output would then operate an antenna relay so that alternate transmissions would be on each of the two antennas and would stay that way for receiving as well until the start of the next transmission.

But then you would need a way to group the downloaded reception reports together in a spreadsheet so that you can compute averages, variations, time plots etc for each of the two antennas. I can think of two ways to do this though I am sure there will be other suggestions:

1) Have WSPR write a .csv file on the local computer with simply “A” or “B” and the timestamp of each transmission. Users would then have to integrate this data with downloaded reception reports so that they could be organized by antenna. Or....

2) have WSPR alter the last character of the transmitted grid by one, alternating between the correct value and one which is one character different. This would cause a small location / distance error assuming a 6 character locator and on half the transmissions. This second method would make sorting the data quite easy in a spreadsheet program.

A third method would be making some change to the callsign but I think the FCC would not like this and callsigns which have no prefix or suffix are more efficient in WSPR.

There might be other types of comparisons which might be useful beside changing antennas such as changing power levels.

I feel this relatively simple mod would extend the usefulness of WSPR considerably but I am interested to hear the comments and suggestions of other users.

73, Jim AJ8S