Is the grid locator permanently cached somewhere

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Is the grid locator permanently cached somewhere

Hi all,

I have two WSPR beacons units.

The first transmits a 4 character only grid locator - FN00.
The second unit transmits a 6 character grid locator - FN00cs.

When I was reported on WSPRnet using the first unit my locator was always FN00.

When I started using the 6 character unit my locator became FN00CS and was reported thus.

When I switched back to the 4 character locator my WSPRnet remained FN00CS as if no change had taken place.

Has my 6 character locator been cached somewhere, or made the default for my callsign?

Cookies or my browser cache are not involved - and both WSPR 4.0 and WSPRx correctly revert back to FN00 when tested here at home with the beacons.

Any clues to why this is happening would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,