WSPRX Band parameters, where ?

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WSPRX Band parameters, where ?

It appears that in IARU region 1, 2 meters WSPR activity is allocated a central frequency of 144.493500MHz thus a dial frequency of 144.492000MHz instead of the common 144.489000. In WSPR Band parameters were located in wspr.ini, which is not the case anymore with WSPRX.
Dial Frequency is used to compute the received freqency for spots reporting purpose. In the present situation for 2 meters operation in Europe, we do have to correct manualy the dial frequency after a reboot, if we dont, frequency reported is ill-formed. Manual entry is not practical and not possible on a remote unmaned site where autoreboot can occur.
Can someone, user or developer, tell me where this parameter is located now ? Can not believe it has been hardcoded !
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