Weird callsigns in the ocean

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Weird callsigns in the ocean

Noticed today that SP9MLI is receiving a lot of weird callsigns on 40mtrs , some in the oceans , not on QRZ at all and very far away from where they should be , so much that it would be impossible to receive stations on that distance.

2Q5NVF in in the sea just off Peru.
IK1JTZ and 7T3NPN in the south pacific ocean
LT4DRF south of Capetown South Africa
9H5TPO in Antarctica
6K6VYO in the Coral sea north east of Australia
CV7NLM in Mongolia
SP9DER near Malta

Is someone transmitting false info signals in Europa ? What could be the explanation , cos WSPR does not decode callsign and grid that wrong?

Johan Visagie