DJ7KA More MF Spots

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DJ7KA More MF Spots

A Day after pointing out some 20M spots put onto MF there are many more -82- in the last 12 hours. I went through a few to check, could not find a correct MF spot. That is a lot of corrections to make!
An experienced ham should suspect that very long paths during daylight at MF are very rare, many of the spots are for people never seen on MF.

It is a pity that this kind of mistake continues. The spots have to be sent to the server, perhaps there is a return message.
If people could send a marker back to the person sending the spots that there may be a wrong band or other issue then the remote user might be stopped from sending in another day's bad data. Another option might be to send a text string identifying the issue. Another way might be personal mail say limited to 50 chars. Or even an e-mail to the user!