RTLSDR direct sampler mod - worx with wspr

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RTLSDR direct sampler mod - worx with wspr


In 2012 I modified one of my RTLSDL as direct sampler. I didn't used it for wspr rx. Today I got the idea to setup SDR#, wspr and my hardware to test some things out.

My setup is RTLSDR as direct sampler (I/Q #1), SDR# v1.0.0.13 and WSPR 2.0. The RTLSDR is attached directly to a 9:1 unun with about 10m RG58. My antenna is a 12m long wire.

I'm not doing any personal distance record. But for a 7€ hardware it is ok inmo.

Have a look at http://pastie.org/pastes/9765598/text.

73 de DE8MSH (Repoter call is DE8MSHRTL).