WSPR and antenna experiments

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WSPR and antenna experiments

The WSPR protocol and network are tremendous aids to rapid antenna/propagation data
collection. Two transmitters or receivers can be operated simultaneously with two antennas at
the same location. The resulting measurements reduce some of the variables that make
reliable antenna comparisons so difficult when using ionospheric propagation.

Testing on the 30 meter band, a Buddipole dipole configuration at about 16 feet in height was
approximately as effective for DX as a 300 foot loop at an average 25 foot height.

While I found these initial results surprising, they shouldn’t be considered the last word in
Buddipole or loop performance. The Buddipole configuration was not isolated from the
horizontal loop, but was actually inside the loop due to residential lot size in this first experiment.
This undoubtedly had an effect on both antennas.

For the rest of the story, please see "WSPR Antenna and Propagation Experiment: Preliminary Results".

Thank you.
Charles Preston