A Future Way Around the Bad Band Problem?

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A Future Way Around the Bad Band Problem?

The bulk of WSPR data is solid however there are a number of random errors due to bad decodes/noise or operator band errors. I would like to suggest a future fix for these issues. The suggestion is to transmit an extra character for the band. The Rx software at the spotting station could then check that the received message has the same band code as the WSPR software has been set to. A mismatch would clearly indicate that either the wrong band had been set by the Operator- a common issue- or that the decoded message is bad. Either reason could stop bad data being sent out and contaminating the Database.

The detection of these two problems should be good, the wrong Rx Band should always be quickly detected and could be used to alert the Operator and to stop bad data being sent. The second case -of faulty decodes- could be a very useful reduction of bad spots. At present a 12 hour view of LF spots shows 5 out of 6 spots from one station as being noise, another station has 6 spots as LF which were transmissions on MF. Last week hundreds of spots from a HF band were added to the MF data. Every day there is more junk added to the record.

Perhaps a transmitted Band character could be included in a future WSPR version. That would help us not so smart humans look less stupid.

Alan G8LCO