RX Only?

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RX Only?

Hi All,

I'm running WSPR 2.21 that I downloaded pre-compiled on a Mac under Mavericks. Sorry, I don't recall the exact origin. I've checked the forum here, as well as the program documentation.

I would like to run WSPR as an RX-only application, and in reading the documentation, I am told that setting the TX fraction slider to zero will result in RX-only operation. I have done that, but still occasionally the program attempts to transmit. As a guess, I'm still at around 10% or so.

Am I missing something as far as program operation, or is it possibly a bug in the Mac compile or that version of WSPR? Does anyone have a later/better build for Mac they could link me to? Compiling myself is beyond my abilities or desire at this point.

73 de Lee, AA4GA