Frequency changed, no upload of spots

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Frequency changed, no upload of spots

Others have had this same problem, but I haven't found a real solution for it in this forum.

I'm running WSPR ver. 3.12_r3617 on Windows XP.

I want to use my rig's (Elecraft K2) IF filters centered for 1kHz (1000Hz) audio (ie. rig display frequency for USB or data modes is 1000 Hz below the audio passband around 1kHz) so that both the reported RX frequency and the TX frequency are correct and within the WSPR band. Also the system must be able to upload spots automatically to WSPRnet.

Now, by fiddling with the Advanced -> RX BFO setting and the main screen's Dial frequency, I am able to receive AND DECODE the WSPR signals with correct frequencies in the listing, BUT the software DOES NOT UPLOAD spots to WSPRnet. On the black DOS screen I get a message "Frequency changed, no upload of spots" for every decoded signal.

What is the problem???