First two decodes on 474.2 MF band

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First two decodes on 474.2 MF band

Very happy to have made my first two decodes this evening on the MF 474.2 kHz band reporting WG2XXM and WG2XIQ. I was not expecting to hear much as the antenna on my WinRadio G31DDC receiver is a low horizontal wire about 10 feet high maximum, about 80 feet long and un-tuned. It’s fed into the shack by a general purpose 9:1 transformer which I use for all other frequencies with this receiver. I had to build a Low Pass filter to take out much of the broadcast band as I live in an RF alley and the spurious and mixing products were way too high. Will be improving this band as I will introduce a tuned circuit (matching network) and running the wire out to perhaps 150 feet or so.