WSPR Double Sideband Success!

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WSPR Double Sideband Success!

Oh, how sweet it is. Today I finally got my WSPR station working. I recently installed a diode ring mixer (supplied by Jim, AL7RV) between my MEPT oscillator and my two stage 50 mw power amplifier. I thought I might have enough audio coming out of my sound card to modulate the transmitter, but I soon found out that I needed more AF. Lazy after a week on the road in sunny Sicily, I reached into the junkbox and pulled out the guts of an old computer speaker amplifier. Some really ugly jerry-rigging ensued. The AF amp is now sitting near the TX, powered by its own 9V battery. Looks like I'm getting about 25 mw out, but that's from both sidebands. So I'm guessing I'm at around 10 mw.

Following guidance from Gene, W3PM (whose FB SSB rig inspired this effort), I set my oscillator at 10138700. That puts the upper sideband in the middle of the WSPR band.

Hey, is this a first? Has anyone else run WSPR DSB?

73 from Rome
Bill I0/N2CQR