CAT control with Yaesu FT-840

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CAT control with Yaesu FT-840

I just got a USB CAT interface cable for my FT-840 and I'm trying to get WSPR to control my rig. The FT-840 isn't listed in the drop down menu :-( The FT-840 manual says CAT requires 4800 baud, 1 start bit, 2 stop bits, no parity and no handshaking. I have that set up in WSPR, but there seems to be no communication with the FT-840. I checked the COM port in Device Manager (Windows XP) and I have it correctly set to COM4.

I'm using the USB CAT interface with Airlink Express and it works fine, so I'm confident that the USB CAT interface is ok.

I've played around with settings using RIGCTL, but have not gotten anything to work there either.

Any suggestions for how to proceed?