not uploading spots version 2.21 or 2.12 latley

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not uploading spots version 2.21 or 2.12 latley
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I have been running WSPR for a couple months lately and since Sunday I can not get the spots received to upload in either the 2.21 band hop version or the 2.12 single band version.

I see spots of those who have decoded my station and I have a list full of station I have decoded as well-

verified internet connections working on that PC-( and not a throughput issues as 50Meg down and 20 meg upload)
checked clock time and that is correct or I wouldn't have decoded signals on both receive or those who have decoded me.

Have even flushed the cache from that connection.

Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 technical preview work.

pretty much out of ideas here so any thoughts welcome.

should I uninstall and wipe directory and any possible registry reference and re-install WSPR?

Note- confirmed while using WSJTX spots are uploaded fine.

see image below of received decodes and time stamps- but these do not appear when looking online