Jan/Feb 2015 stats

The last 2 months have been very active for WSPR. Excellent server uptime and improved signal decoding (K9AN decoder) have really helped the spot numbers grow.

January 2015 was the first time there was over 8 million spots for the month. January had 8,037,932 spots. Prior to that, the closest we came to 8 million was in March of 2014 which had 7,917,817 spots.

February 2015 also had over 8 million spots 8,014,398, which is slightly less than Janaury 2015. February was a short month though, which means February was the first month that averaged over 2 million spots per week. January only averaged 1.8 million per week.

At the rate March is going so far, there could be well over 9 million spots this month.