Reducing Server Load and Fixing the Wrong Band Problem.

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Reducing Server Load and Fixing the Wrong Band Problem.

WSPR is getting more and more spot uploads however recently there have been a large number of times when uploads have been impossible and spots have been lost. At present every spot from every band seems to be sent at about the same time. With increasing users we have to reach the point where the server is sometimes overloaded. Some bands are very much more busy than others, three bands 20/30/40 account for more than 75% of traffic.

I would like to suggest to stagger the band start time rather than have all starts on the even min, by staggering the times by band the server work load could be leveled and we would also gain some protection from wrong band spots.
The staggered start would provide an immediate visual indication of mismatched bands in the spectral display by block misalignment whilst most out of band spots would not decode so avoiding contaminating the database. The staggered start would add an additional complication however as start timing is already in the software and already out of the Operator's hands it might not be much more than an oddity to the end user.

A simpler version for load leveling only would be to delay uploading 40m spots by 30 sec, 30m spots by 60 sec and 20m spots by 90 sec. That should reduce the load to around a quarter of the present level and would be invisible to users apart from the delay in spot arrival however this is a very small price to pay to ensure that no spots are lost from the system. As many people run QRP unattended beacons on the most popular bands a slight latency increase is hardly a problem for people who don't check results very oftem yet make 180-240 transmissions per band per day.