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Map Feature Request

The following are some things that I would like to see added, as options on the WSPR Propagation Map:

- Add a user specified "zoom factor", similar to the Lat/Lon option. This would allow for map UPDATEs without shifting the scale. For google maps, this is the "z=" parameter which ranges from 1 to 22.

- Provide for multiple "Call"s (i.e., an arbitrary list) to be plotted, For example; I would like to compare/contrast (on one map) my station with a friends. This would allow multiple adjacent or connected spiders to be plotted.

- Provide a "radio button" to "auto center" on the "Call" location, which should override the user specifed Lat/Lon (i.e. the default), if the above option is available - use the first Call in the list. This should not set or reset the previous user specified Lat/Lon, but just override them for the next map display.

- Provide for "radio button" to "auto center on all actual plotted data", similar to the above.

- Provide for user specified "Terrain" setting, so that it does not revert back to "Hybrid" when the map is UPDATEd. I believe google maps provide this as an optional (t=) parameter. This will prevent a second "redraw" if the user interest is a street map. I often use the street map view which on my satellite link take a while to redraw.

- Provide URL line decoding of all of the user settable options, This would allow bookmarks of interesting locations or views that can be emailed to friends, and used for automatic map report generation.

But, it is a wonderful map as it is, Thanks,
Eldon - WA0UWH

Example:,K6XYZ?center=call1 (NOTE: this does not work)